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Unleash Safety and Compliance

Safeguard Properties and Ensure Compliance: Streamline Safety Measures and Regulatory Standards with the Revolutionary Safe Buildings App!

Safe Buildings App Overview


Safe Buildings is a safety and compliance management software that empowers users to digitally manage their building's emergency procedures and compliance practices through a mobile application or any browser, anywhere in the world. 


The Building Access Program - A Peel Regional Police Initiative in Partnership with Safe Buildings

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Use Cases


Safe Buildings is a safety and compliance software on your mobile and desktop that enables users to implement a rapid, scalable, and accountable risk management program overnight for their properties. 

Safe and Secure

The Safe Buildings application employs leading digital safety & security standards.  We are SOC2 complaint. 

Reduced Response Times

Access critical response data anytime, anywhere from any mobile device or computer resulting in a more timely and safer response.

Prevent, Mitigate & Track

The Safe Buildings application's primary function is to promote safety & prevent emergencies.  Digitally schedule & track safety & compliance practices daily, weekly, monthly and more.

Access/Data Control

Option to choose what data you wish to make available to in internal, external, permanent and temporary staff.  E.G. 1st Responders, Superintendents, Temp Workers, etc.

Real-time Customization

Every feature of the application is fully customizable to fit your unique needs. 

Deploy customizations real-time through a simple, yet powerful  management console

Our Clients Testimonial

“Life safety cannot be taken for granted and resident safety is ICC’s top priority. With Safe Buildings easy-to-use digital checklists, we’re able to ensure our buildings are in compliance with all regulations. If an issue occurs, Safe Buildings provides instant notification of hazards so that we can immediately address it. Safe Buildings also notifies our staff where vulnerable individuals are located in the building so that we can assist them in an emergency. With Safe Buildings, we take comfort knowing our residents are safe at all times.”

Steven Christodoulou, president, ICC Property Management

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