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Easy-to-use, secure, and accurate, the Safe Buildings app saves lives.

When you save time in an emergency, you save lives

Safe Buildings improves emergency response times, informs key decision-making, and builds awareness of hazards before fire, police, and paramedics arrive on the scene.

In an emergency when every second counts, Safe Buildings provides instant life saving and cost savings data, reducing response time by up to 9 minutes. Safe Buildings eliminates dependence on lengthy, inconsistent, print Fire Safety Plans that are slow to review during an emergency.

By providing widespread access to Fire Safety Plans, dependence on one paper copy is eliminated for good.

Never miss an inspection: Safe Buildings makes it easy for property owners and managers to ensure their building is always code compliant.

With Safe Buildings, property owners and managers can proactively manage potential issues. It tracks customizable daily, weekly, monthly and annual inspections.

Here’s how it works: Using a smart phone, tablet, or desktop, building supervisors can instantly access, track and audit their building’s code compliance status and take corrective action if necessary. Safe Buildings even helps identify ongoing or recurring issues for preventive maintenance, and provides instant notification of hazards.

Real time reporting through Safe Buildings allows management to ensure the building fire protection system, fire alarm system and all fire extinguishing systems are maintained and ready. Its real-time and historical data defends against loss and decreases liability. As well, updates to the fire safety plan can be made instantly at no cost, and the app eliminates the need for paper records. Users also have access to customized checklists to integrate safety/security requirements, along with the ability to physically track staff patrols and date/time stamped evidence.

Why is Safe Building better?

With only one paper Fire Safety Plan required onsite, only the first team of emergency responders has access to critical building information leaving those who arrive later with information gaps, and dependent on radio communication. When fire, police, and paramedics, arrive at a building that doesn’t have 24 hour on-site security they’re dependent on the knowledge of the person who greets them at the door. With Safe Buildings emergency services can access critical information while travelling to the building.

Our deep expertise in the safety and security industry gives you a tool backed by a team you can count on when it comes to preventing critical incidents and ensuring your building information is quickly accessible by those who need it when its needed most.

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Meet the team behind Safe Buildings


Jason Reid: 


Jason is recognized across Canada for his deep expertise and innovative best practices integrating fire and emergency management.  Committed to making a real impact on public safety, Jason founded Safe Buildings in 2019. He developed the Fire, Safety and Emergency Management Program for the Toronto Eaton Centre and the commercial towers.  He was the Platoon Chief and Supervisor in the Emergency Services Department at Bombardier Aerospace in Toronto, an active airport and industrial facility spanning more than 24 million square feet. Jason has served as Chair of the Fire and Emergency Management Committee for Resilient Communities Ontario, and Chair of the Emergency Management Committee for the Building Owners and Management Association Toronto (BOMA). He is also an active, long time board member with the Institution of Fire Engineers.  


Aamer Merchant 

With 22 years of service in law enforcement focusing on community safety and emergency response, Aamer has worked in both the public and private sectors, lending his expertise to major events such as the G8/G20, World Youth Day, Sarstock, Caribana Toronto and more. For the past decade, Aamer has shifted his focus to mobile technologies and holds accreditations in computer forensics, mobile device forensics and digital investigations. His passion for technology has motivated him to manage development teams for web development, app development, SAAS and recently DAAS.

“After spending 20 years protecting critical infrastructure, highrise buildings, mass venues, and facilities with vulnerable populations, we are committed to helping you create and maintain the safest building possible.”



  • Q: Where is Safe Buildings available?
    A: Safe Buildings is a secure, mobile application and is available across Canada. Currently, we have digitized over 400 fire safety plans for government, municipal, residential and commercial buildings, including hospitals and schools. Our focus is in Ontario and we are excited to be expanding into every Province & Territory.
  • Q: On average, how much time is saved when a digitized Fire Safety Plan is available compared to a traditional, onsite paper one?
    A: Our tests show that, in emergencies, Safe Buildings’ can save up to nine minutes. In a situation, when every second counts this is very significant in terms of human safety and property damage. The time savings Safe Buildings provides through its compliance assistance is far greater. By providing easy-to-use check lists for daily, weekly, monthly and annual inspections as well as instant access to real-time and historical data, Safe Buildings saves building staff and property managers many hours each year.
  • Q: Can Safe Buildings create customized categories for my building if I want to include items that are not part of the Fire Safety Plan?
    A: Yes. Safe Buildings can add categories to meet your needs. We currently have a client who is using a customized version of Safe Buildings to track the status of his buildings’ safety measures for COVID-19. He wants to ensure his staff is completing all of the cleaning tasks to keep the building safe. At any time of day, he can instantly check the status of each safety measure
  • Q: When a building purchases Safe Buildings, how many individuals connected to the building are given access to the app?
    A: Every building is given five users and larger facilities are given additional users. We find the majority of Safe Buildings clients require three or four users
  • Q: Does the Safe Buildings App digitize all of the building’s fire safety requirements?
    A: Safe Buildings not only digitizes your entire building fire safety plan, it creates code compliant, customizable checklists for compliance in both Fire Code, Occupational Health and Safety and Security - Allowing your staff to easily document their hard work, and never miss an inspection again
  • Q: How long does it take to set up Safe Buildings?
    A: We are able to digitize a building’s Fire Safety Plan within two hours anywhere in Canada. Safe Buildings is intuitive and very easy to use, however we provide free training to ensure clients understand how to use all of its features
  • Q: The nature of Safe Buildings requires I provide a lot of confidential information. How do you protect this information?
    A: We don’t require any information beyond what is already included in a building’s paper Fire Safety Plan. The only personal information we need are the names, titles and cell numbers for the building’s emergency contacts.
  • Q: How does a municipal fire services receive access to the safe buildings application?
    A: Building Owners and fire services alike have long known the challenges of not having accurate information during emergencies - lives depend on it. Safe Buildings, as part of their commitment to public safety, will provide any fire services in Canada, free access to the application, at no fee. Safe Buildings will provide secure access to 911 / fire dispatch centres, so that they may access this vital information - over 9 minutes faster than any other Country in the world - Directly benefitting the p
  • Q: Do any fire services / 911 Communication Centres in Canada have access to the platform right now?
    A: Yes, Safe Buildings in engaged in several pilot programs with emergency services. As you can imagine, to be most effective to emergency services, the platform must be widely used by buildings within their municipality. When we have digitized a sufficient number of buildings within a community, we will provide Safe Buildings Access to emergency services - at no cost.
  • Q: What are the benefits the fire services gains from the access to Safe Buildings?
    A: Primarily, the Safe Buildings application provides information that quite simply is not available to them right now. It means that fire crews will know “on the way to the building” how your building is designed, where the shut off valves are, where the people who need immediate help are located, and
  • Q: What is the benefit of having safe buildings if my local emergency services dont have access yet?
    A: Safe Buildings was created as a public safety initiative to remove well documented gaps in the emergency response to your building. In doing this, we packed the application with lots of benefits to the building Owner, and made it easy to use and accessibly priced. The app allows building Owners and Managers to “know” their compliance status - 24 hours a day, and call up evidence of past inspections - in under 3 seconds
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