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Enhancing Community Safety with the Peel Regional Police Building Access Program

In an ever-evolving world, where every second counts in emergencies, the Peel Regional Police's "Building Emergency Access" program is a pioneering initiative aimed at revolutionizing emergency response times and enhancing community safety and well-being. This forward-thinking endeavour is driven by the Peel Regional Police, in collaboration with Safe Buildings technology, and is geared towards ensuring swift and secure access for first responders to buildings during critical situations.

The Importance of Quick Response Times

During emergencies, especially in high-rise buildings, quick response times are of paramount importance for the safety and well-being of occupants. The speed at which emergency services can reach the affected floor or area can make all the difference in addressing the situation, providing assistance, and preventing potential harm or loss of life. Recognizing this need, the Building Access Program focuses on reducing response times to minimize delays that could jeopardize lives and property.


Streamlining Emergency Access

One of the major challenges that emergency services face is gaining access to buildings during off-hours or when there is no staff present. Delays in gaining entry have, in some cases, resulted in extended waiting times of up to 10 minutes, which could have significant consequences for victims. The Building Access Program addresses this issue by leveraging Safe Buildings technology, a secure mobile application. This application allows building owners in the Region of Peel to register their buildings with the Peel Regional Police, granting "emergency use only" access to a secure lobby access code. This innovative approach effectively shaves valuable minutes off emergency response times, potentially saving lives and minimizing damage.


Seamless Implementation and Participation

Participating in the Building Access Program is straightforward and hassle-free for building owners. Registration can be completed online within a matter of minutes, with no associated costs. Peel Regional Police, in collaboration with Safe Buildings, ensures a smooth setup process and provides building owners with a small decal containing a QR code for the front door. This QR code allows front-line police responders to quickly access the lobby access code during emergencies, utilizing secure facial recognition technology.


Frequently Asked Questions Addressed

The Building Access Program anticipates and addresses common queries that building owners may have. It is available to a wide range of buildings across the Region of Peel, regardless of their type. Participation is cost-free, and the secure mobile application ensures the protection of sensitive information. Building owners are empowered to update their emergency lobby access codes through a user-friendly digital dashboard, ensuring flexibility and ease of management.


Empowering Communities Through Swift Response

Participating in the Building Access Program goes beyond individual buildings—it contributes to the overall safety and well-being of the community. Timely access to medical care during emergencies, such as cardiac arrests or severe injuries, significantly improves survival rates and reduces long-term complications. The program aims to prevent delays that could impede emergency services from reaching building occupants when they need help.


Conclusion and Contact Information

The Peel Regional Police Building Access Program is a testament to the commitment of the Peel Regional Police and Safe Buildings to ensuring the safety and security of the community. By harnessing technology, streamlining access, and fostering collaboration between building owners and emergency services, this initiative sets a new standard for effective and efficient emergency response.


To learn more on this exciting program, see Access Program

For any further inquiries or to participate in the program, building owners can connect directly with the Peel Regional Police at

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